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There will be justice

in murder.

AU!Mikami Teru
7 June 1982
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AU!Mikami Teru

Character: Mikami Teru
Series/Fandom: Death Note
Original or Alternate: Alternate

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Pansexual, but is in love with Kira(Light Yagami)
Appearance: Mikami stands at around five feet seven inches, and weighs 123 pounds. She is slim, but in shape. Her skin is light and her eyes appear dark brown. Her hair is black, and goes down to the start of her back. Her bangs fall in front of her face.

Mikami arrived in Econtra wearing black pants, a green business shirt, a black tie, and a black rain coat. She sometimes wears narrow, black rimmed glasses, but she does not need them to write. It is very hard to determine whether she is male or female, though she is not unattractive.

Personality: Mikami is obsessed with bringing order to the world. She has a strong sense of justice, and believes that those who commit crimes and do not contribute to society should die. She has a strong will, and follows her beliefs with blind conviction. She is brave, and bold.

Mikami sometimes seems as if she has obsessive-compulsive-disorder. She follows a strict schedule, and does her best to keep everything in her life in complete order. She believes that Kira is God, though that doesn’t stop her from being completely in love with him. Even so, she does not let her feelings get in the way of following orders.

Abilities/Strengths: Mikami is extremely intelligent and is not afraid to take the initiative. She is a very quick thinker. She is unwavering in her devotion to Kira, and her will is strong. She has a photographic memory and an extreme amount of patience. She has the ability to speak Japanese.

Last, but not least, she possesses the Shinigami eyes, which allow her to see the name and lifespan of anyone who’s face she sees. Because she is a death note owner, her lifespan cannot be seen by anyone else who shares this ability.

Notable Posssessions: A dangerous looking fountain pen. Mikami possesses a perfect replica of her death note, switched by Near. It does not have the ability to kill, but Mikami believes it to be the real one. Even though it is not real, she is still considered to own her death note for all memory purposes.

Weaknesses: Mikami’s biggest weakness is her devotion to Kira. She will do anything that would benefit him, even if it puts her own life in danger. She is also very predictable, unless Kira specifically orders her to act otherwise.

Housing: Yil-Eksi


Mikami was born in 1982 in Japan . She was the type of child that got bullied a lot at school. She would always try to create order, and some of the students resented her for it. One day, all at once, the four bullies at school all died in a car crash. So did her mother. She had believed all these people to be unjust.

At first, she was afraid, but fear soon turned into affirmation. Everyone in her class seemed…calmed after the deaths. She decided that the world would become a better place if those who committed sin were deleted. The rest of her life, those she met who she could not redeem all mysteriously died. It was as if God agreed with her. She decided that it was her duty to bring justice to those that deserved it. Because of this, she became a prosecution attorney.

Right after she earned her job, criminals started dying of heart attacks all at once. She knew a force was passing judgment on them, a force that others soon began to call “Kira”. Mikami believed that that force was God. Mikami soon began showing her face at gatherings of people who praised this new god, hoping that God would take notice of her. He did.

A notebook was sent to Mikami, with detailed instructions. She was to write criminals names in the notebook, and they would die. A shinigami also appeared to her and, in exchange for half her lifespan, granted her the ability to see a person’s name and lifespan just by seeing their face. It was a small price to pay to bring justice to the world.

Mikami passed judgment on criminals, as well as those who would corrupt Gods purpose. In order to bring the word of God to the masses, Mikami chose Kiyomi Takeda to spread her ideals. Luckily, Takeda was in contact with Kira, and Mikami was able to speak to him through her. Kira gave her instructions to mislead the SPK, the group that was trying to bring Kira down. Eventually, Mikami was ordered to go to a warehouse, where she would have to kill everyone inside that appeared to have a lifespan. She did as she was told, but because of a mistake she made, the SPK was able to switch her death note with a fake.

When she arrived at the warehouse, she waited and watched through a crack at the entrance. She saw God, and learned his name. With glee, she wrote down the name of everyone but Light Yagami.

When she looked up from her notebook, she found herself in a white room.


AU!Yagami Light[heaven_nor_hell] - God
Sentinel(AU!Valerie Gray)[val_is_past] - Roommate, friend.

OU!Mikami Teru[kira_is_my_god] - Alternate, dislikes.
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Disclaimer: This is a role-playing journal by acidrica.
[Death Note/Mikami Teru] © [Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.