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Everything's slipping [private thread]

Mikami allows Light to lead her to the kitchen like a lamb to the slaughter. Her thoughts are disjointed, and she's not sure if it's a side-effect of her arrival or her own weakness. Light mentioned something about tea, but Mikami's not sure she'll be able to keep anything down. She feels sick. Really, really sick.

She's not sure if she'll actually tell Light anything, but she doesn't know what else she can do besides follow her. She needs to process what's happened. She remembers Econtra happening first. Then the timeline breaks away. She was at the Mansion for a while, then in Econtra again. Now she's back in the Mansion. None of the events that happened in either place seem completely real. 
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Page 15 [Voice Post]


Why is my furniture on the ceiling?

*Mikami sounds as if she's straining against something, then suddenly a surprised yelp is heard, followed by a loud crash, then pained groaning*

((OOC: So here is Mikami's situation: Mikami's furniture got glued to the ceiling by the pranking crew while she was out at the clinic. She came back, stared for a good five minutes, then got to work prying the furniture down. Then she stopped, thought about it, and went and got some adhesive remover. After getting one of the chairs down and loosening the bed, she decides to inquire as to why her furniture is on the ceiling. She makes it a voice post, so she can continue working while she talks. Suddenly, the glue decides that holding a bed to the ceiling is hard work, so it gives up. The bed falls on Mikami, luckily mattress down. So...Mikami is now trapped under the bed. She can probably get herself out given time, or the kind citizens of Econtra *snort* can come lend her a hand. Either way, I'm going to bed and will respond in the morning. <3))

((Edit: Thread here, if anyone wants to help.))
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Page 13

I've turned into a man...

Does anyone here know what's going on or how to fix it?

[Screened to AU!Light Yagami//Unhackable]
I've lost the eyes.

((OOC:Female!Mikami has been turned into a guy....and not just any guy. She's physically L, and can't sit correctly for the life of her. Oh, and she doesn't have the eyes in this body...just cause.))

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Page 12

To whoever now resides in Yil-Eski with me, I apologize for not getting in contact with you. I've had a busy week, so I assume our schedules conflicted. If you need any questions answered, please feel free.

((OOC:I'm back and OMG Mikami has a new roomie!(Endymion AU) D=> Sorrysorrysorry for my fail. T.T Mikami has basically been out at the clinic and park and library and...stuff. Yes.))
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Page 8 [Accendental Voice Post]

*The communicator clicks on with a sudden scraping noise. Mikami's voice is quiet, and has a slight hint of fear and....something else (Read:desire >.>)*

K-kami-sama, what are you-?

*Another scraping sound, and the communicator kicks off*

((OOC: Yeah, she just got pushed up against the wall by heaven_nor_hell  , and she's a bit....confused. Nothing's going on at the time of this post. Except kissing, there is that.>.>  The PDA  got clicked on from her pocket. ))